Peer Support

The Pittsburgh Center for Autistic Advocacy offers peer support and referral to hundreds of Autistic people in the region. Our social workers, Cori and Opal, are Autistic adults, and they are able to meet you where you’re at because we have been there! We often help people learn to navigate the barriers of systemic ableism that stand between them and the resources they need to achieve their goals.

Some of the things we often help people do are:

  • Create resumes and prepare for job interviews.
  • Self-advocate in important meetings or relationships.
  • Complete paperwork for benefits like SNAP, MA/MAWD, SSI, and LIHEAP.
  • Navigate insurance coverage for needed services.
  • Apply for waiver services.
  • Learn about what a new Autistic diagnosis means.
  • Cope with sensory issues, meltdowns, and anxiety.
  • Find funding for assistive technology.

You can always make an appointment for peer support or resource coordination via the buttons on our website or by emailing us.