Social Meetups

A group of Autistic adults gather at a tablePCAA hosts social meetups for Autistic adults and our neurodivergent cousins at least once each month. You can find us at our office downtown, at a museum, or somewhere in the community. Our meetups are unstructured and run by Autistic adults. You can expect to join a group of 5-12 people interacting in the ways that work for them. We make coloring, fidgets, games, and earplugs available for all attendees.
Our events are laid back, and we welcome people to come late or leave early. We strive to keep the events accessible to everyone and maintain a sensory-friendly environment. So, please limit scents and bring headphones if you would like to enjoy audio.
You can find out when our next meetup is by checking our events page, by following us on social media, or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Volunteer Run Social Events

PCAA invites our volunteers and social event regulars to suggest and run social events with our support. Our community is vast and diverse, and we hope our social events can reflect that. Want to play Pokémon Go with friends? Host a get-together for a sporting event or convention? Make art or sing together? Let us know here so we can work together to include everyone in our Autistic community.