Training and Professional Development

Autism Competence by the Real Experts

Two individuals presenting a training.

At the Pittsburgh Center for Autistic Advocacy, we’ve learned about autism first-hand. Our training curriculum is centered in the latest evidence about autism— from the latest research to the invaluable life experiences of our team of Autistic adult service providers.





Our trainings are different. Centered in the neurodiversity model, our trainers help educators and providers understand the core differences in Autistic brains and how to make meaningful changes in environments that are traditionally inaccessible or distressing for Autistic individuals.

The Model

Our trainings help providers and educators understand disability from a new perspective. Using the social model of disability and the neurodiversity paradigm, we teach our trainees about the social construction of disability and the ways that simple modifications to environments can enable full participation for people across disabilities in our schools and communities.

Autism Competence

Our trainings are created by service providers who, themselves, are on the autism spectrum. This creates a unique dynamic where individuals are trained by people who are not only experts in a traditional sense, but who have also lived a lifetime navigating the unique hurdles faced by people with autism.

Two people stand before a presentation, speaking to the audienceOur trainings focus on the ways that autistic brains differ from those of non-autistic people. By breaking complex behaviors down into a handful of neurological differences, our trainings teach how educators and providers can compassionately intervene and support a person who may be experiencing and expressing their distress in ways that are too often missed by non-Autistic providers. Communication is at the center of our model. We believe that building communication skills between Autistic and non-Autistic people is the key to a world where every person has the tools they need to achieve their goals.


We started training schools, providers, and community organizations in 2015, when a local arts organization approached us to better understand their Autistic patrons. In the past several years, we have trained hundreds of teachers and service providers at local public schools, private schools, museums, theatres, after school programs, service providers, among others. Our trainers are Autistic and disabled individuals with backgrounds in social work, pediatrics, bioethics, rhetoric, and the arts. Training is available on a fee-for-service basis with limited financial assistance available for schools and nonprofits. For pricing and scheduling, please contact









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